Table 1

Baseline characteristics of the eligible study population and the study base.

Eligible study population with shoulder lesions (n=7644)Study base
Employed or self-employed on 1 January 2006 (n=1 210 231)
Age group (years) (%)48.4 (48.3 to 48.5)44.70 (44.68 to 48.71)
Gender (%)
Education (%)
Region of Finland
Employment sector (%)
 Private, domestic48.354.6
 Private, foreign8.68.3
Occupation (%)
Upper-level non-manual occupations
Lower-level non-manual occupations
 Office and customer workers7.98.2
 Service, care and sales workers20.115.1
Manual occupations
 Agricultural workers5.24.2
 Construction, metal and woodworkers16.211.7
 Machine operators and assemblers16.310.4
 Unskilled manual workers15.27.7
Work-related exposures (%)
 Heavy lifting21.914.8
 Working with hands above shoulder level20.514.3
 Work requiring high hand force31.720.6
 High job demands37.136.8
 Low job control71.953.8