Table 3

Crude and adjusted ORs for the risk of preterm birth according to desert dust exposure estimates and mode of onset of labour (TIMOUN cohort, Guadeloupe archipelago, French West Indies, 2005–2008)

Desert dust exposure estimatesNo. of preterm births*No. of term birthsCrudeAdjusted†
OR‡95% CIOR‡95% CI
All births142767
  PM10 concentrations (3.08 µg/m3)1.361.07 to 1.721.401.08 to 1.81
  Proportion of intense desert dust episodes (4.06%)1.381.11 to 1.721.541.21 to 1.98
Spontaneous preterm and term births67767
  PM10 concentrations (3.08 µg/m3)1.441.01 to 2.051.390.93 to 2.06
  Proportion of intense desert dust episodes (4.06%)1.531.11 to 2.101.631.13 to 2.35
Induced preterm and term births74767
  PM10 concentrations (3.08 µg/m3)1.280.93 to 1.761.300.91 to 1.86
  Proportion of intense desert dust episodes (4.06%)1.250.93 to 1.681.350.96 to 1.90
  • *For one woman, the type of preterm birth was unknown.

  • †The covariates for which we adjusted were place of inclusion, maternal age, marital status, years of education, body mass index, parity, prior preterm birth, prior miscarriage, prior induced abortions, lupus, asthma, chronic hypertension, gestational weight gain, gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes, urinary tract infection, sex of the newborn.

  • ‡The ORs were calculated per SD change.

  • PM10, particulate matter ≤10 µm; PTB, preterm birth.