Table 2

Early Lung Cancer Detection (ELCD) scan results and lung cancers detected by scan type

Outcome measureAll ELCD scansBaseline scan and required follow-up scans*First annual scan and required follow-up scans*All other annual scans and required follow-up scans*
No of low-dose CT scans performed
 Baseline low-dose CT scans12901290
 Follow-up low-dose CT scans3562365763
 Annual low-dose CT scans†1659898761
Individuals with Indeterminate nodules‡1941543018
Individuals with suspicious nodules†117762023
Individuals diagnosed with lung cancer§
 Non-small cell lung cancers
  Stage I171322
  Stage II3201
  Stage III0000
  Stage IV6501
 Small cell lung cancers
Individuals referred for follow-up other than potential lung cancer*61450616196
Estimated radiation absorbed dose per scan, measured as dose length product (DLP) (mGy cm)¶
 DLP mean96.8
 DLP (SD)41.0
 DLP range0.5–843.0
  • *Counts of indeterminate nodules, suspicious nodules and referrals for immediate follow-up will not add to the total as workers can have events for multiple scans.

  • †Suspicious nodules—non-calcified nodules that are highly suspicious for malignancy and require immediate follow-up. Individuals are referred to outside specialists.

  • ‡Indeterminate nodules—non-calcified nodules that are not obviously benign nor highly suspicious. Individuals are offered a follow-up low-dose CT scan at 3 or 6 months.

  • §One worker with a suspicious nodule was still being evaluated at the time of these analyses.

  • ¶DLP values were missing for 91 ELCD scans.