Table 3

Mortality from lymphohaematopoietic cancers and estimated exposure to styrene, International Agency for Research on Cancer cohort of reinforced plastics workers exposed to styrene, 1945–1991

NHL (n=24)Multiple myeloma (n=8)Myeloid leukaemia* (n=15)
Cumulative styrene exposure (100 ppm-years)
 0-year lag1.020.94 to 1.10488.20.820.54 to 1.26179.70.900.73 to 1.10314.6
 5-year lag†1.020.94 to 1.11488.20.870.59 to 1.27180.30.910.73 to 1.12315.1
 10-year lag1.030.94 to 1.12488.11.690.30 to 1.62179.50.880.66 to 1.17315.0
Mean styrene exposure (100 ppm)
 0-year lag2.311.29 to 4.12480.31.860.71 to 4.86179.60.920.37 to 2.32316.1
 5-year lag†2.291.33 to 3.93479.62.250.92 to 5.48178.11.340.61 to 2.94315.6
 10-year lag1.781.05 to 3.02484.21.310.48 to 3.58180.91.500.71 to 3.17315.1
  • *Includes acute myeloid leukaemia and chronic myeloid leukaemia.

  • †RR per 100 ppm-year or 100 ppm; RRs adjusted as follows: NHL, multiple myeloma, age, calendar decade, sex; myeloid leukaemia, age, calendar year, sex, country.

  • AIC, Akaike information criterion; NHL, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma; RR, rate ratio.