Table 3

Deregulated KEGG pathways associated with miRNA-gene targets

Deregulated pathwaysNo miRNAsNo genesP values
Fatty acid biosynthesis11<1.0E-325
Prion diseases143.9E-12
Steroid biosynthesis433.6E-07
Fatty acid metabolism116.7E-03
Transforming growth factor-β signalling pathway3201.1E-02
Viral carcinogenesis3321.7E-02
Pantothenate and coenzyme A biosynthesis113.5E-02
Lysine degradation6133.8E-02
Proteoglycans in cancer4424.4E-02
Cell cycle3274.8E-02
  • Deregulated KEGG pathways associated with genes targeted by miRNA identified from sRNA-seq (table 3) using mirPath V.3 and TarBase V.7.0. P<0.05 (Fisher’s exact test, FDR correction). Further information regarding miRNAs and genes is provided in online supplementary table 2.

  • sRNA-seq, small RNA sequencing.