Table 2

Mean waking time activity counts per minute in men and women and different occupational categories during all days, working days and days off

Variablen for all daysAll daysn for working days and days offWorking daysDays offP values for day difference
Mean95% CIMean95% CIMean95% CI
All*87825102470 to 254077125302480 to 257025302480 to 25800.86
 Men13621102020 to 220011521102000 to 223022602150 to 23800.004
 Women74225802540 to 262065625802530 to 263026002550 to 26500.29
 P values for gender difference<0.001<0.001<0.001
Men, by occupational category‡
 Managers and professionals7220601930 to 21806920101900 to 212022702120 to 24200.01
 Associate professionals2621101900 to 23102121601950 to 236021201850 to 23800.22
 Service workers1322601960 to 25501022701980 to 256022601970 to 25400.51
 Manual workers2521501940 to 23601524402220 to 265021001870 to 23300.0007
 P values for differences in occupations0.680.070.66
Women, by occupational category‡
 Managers and professionals27024602390 to 252024523902320 to 256025702490 to 2650<0.001
 Associate professionals23325002440 to 257020124902410 to 300026002500 to 27000.001
 Service workers19727702700 to 285017329102810 to 339026002490 to 2700<0.001
 Manual workers4229102750 to 30703732003000 to 339024602250 to 2670<0.001
 P values for differences in occupations<0.001<0.0010.62
  • *Adjusted for gender, age, occupational category and waking wear time.

  • †Analyses adjusted for age, occupational category and waking wear time.

  • ‡Analyses adjusted for age, gender and waking wear time.