Table 2

Comparison of basic characteristics of the asthma-specific JEM and the new OAsJEM

Asthma-specific JEM19 New OAsJEM
Number of agents or groups of agents2230
 HMW sensitiser913
 LMW sensitiser510
 Mixed exposure3(13)
 Microbial exposures4
 Irritants, high peaks1
 Irritants, chronic exposure319
Exposure at low risk for asthma identifiedYesNo
Standardised expert re-evaluation step (revising job codes, agents)YesYes
Number of experts to assess each agentOne and consultation of coauthors, and three European occupational epidemiologists for the final version of the methodThree per agent
(eight in total)
  • HMW, high molecular weight; JEM, job exposure matrix; LMW, low molecular weight; OAsJEM, occupational asthma-specific JEM.