Table 3

Significant associations between DNA methylation and gene expression (n=2802)

 cg16884400 ATP5G3 ENSG00000154518 ATP5G3 0.0980.0052.94×10−2
 cg03181524 RYR1 ENSG00000196218 RYR1 −0.8810.1576.74×10−7
ENSG00000182472 CAPN12 −0.8770.1941.86×10−4
ENSG00000267892 CTD-2540F13.2 −0.916 0.2342.76×10−3
Subjects with airway obstruction
 cg10059942 HMX2 ENSG00000154473 BUB3 1.0620.3783.45×10−2
ENSG00000138161 CUZD1 1.4740.5364.18×10−2
 cg20869844 RAB19 ENSG00000146955 RAB19 −3.4791.1342.37×10−2
ENSG00000157764 BRAF −0.7240.2483.90×10−2
 cg11465769 MYT1L ENSG00000130508 PXDN 4.9731.4452.32×10−3
 cg19084031* RP11-1008C21.2 ENSG00000259225 RP11-1008C21.1 −1.7110.1772.34×10−21
ENSG00000166068 SPRED1 −0.5130.0861.18×10−8
 cg04035638 PSORS1C3;POU5F1 ENSG00000225851 HLA-S 10.8881.6217.57×10−10
ENSG00000204580 DDR1 1.6780.3281.25×10−5
ENSG00000137310 TCF19 1.2390.3451.33×10−2
ENSG00000228789 HCG22 −5.0661.4211.48×10−2
ENSG00000234745 HLA-B −1.3370.3892.46×10−2
  • No data in BIOS-BBMRI were available for cg08855288, cg15793258 and cg27484412. In online supplemental table 5, the results of all CpGs and genes with expression data available within 1 Mb are shown.

  • *CpG also identified in pesticide exposure×airway obstruction analysis.

  • B, beta; CpG, DNA methylation site; P adjusted, Bonferroni-corrected P values based on all probesets located within the 1 Mb window.