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All apps are free of charge

Encyclopaedia of prevention
The electronic encyclopaedia of prevention is designed to help the user obtain information regarding essential aspects of occupational health and safety in Austria in a concise, comprehensible and well-organised form.
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Health and safety management
The ‘health and safety management’ app was designed as an app to support the gradual introduction to the company´s own health and safety management, for assessing the completeness of health and safety management, for carrying out internal audits and for carrying out health and safety inspections using standardised questionaries’.
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First Aid – Hand Injuries
The app provides an overview of the different types of hand injuries. The user obtains important information regarding what to do in the event of emergency. Illustrations accompany you step-by-step through the first aid procedure.
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Computer workstation
The tablet app ‘Computer workstation’ is based on the field of ergonomics. It is aimed at anybody who works at a computer workstation. The app offers support in setting up this computer workstation in the most ergonomic way possible and provides assistance in detecting any shortcomings.
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Lifting and carrying
This app lets you analyse a person´s lifting and carrying technique. Take a photograph of a person lifting an object with the camera on the smartphone, place a few points on certain parts of the body and then enter the weight of the load and the person´s sex and age. The app will calculate the strain on the intervertebral discs based on this information. This will be shown on a scale and explained.
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Safety signs
The app provides information regarding signs related to health and safety, such signs illustrating hazards, orders, prohibitions and information in the workplace and on the roads. If you are not familiar with a sign, you can simply enter specific criteria in order to find the signs you are searching for with the corresponding description.
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