Table 1

Baseline characteristics of DWH Oil Spill Coast Guard responders and non-responders

CharacteristicsNon-responders (n=44 823)Responders (n=8696)Responders who completed a survey
Responders who did not complete a survey
 Less than 25 years old12 56928.0165819.198617.467222.2
 25–34 years old19 19742.8388844.7248943.9139946.2
 35–50 years old12 11927.0286432.9199635.286828.6
 >50 years old9382.12863.31943.4923.0
 Male38 29085.4745285.7480984.9264387.2
Ethnic group
 White34 49577.0667876.8432476.3235477.7
 Black or African–American24225.44244.92614.61635.4
Employee class
 Active duty39 26087.6596468.6349261.6247281.6
 Selected Reserve556312.4273231.4217338.455918.4
Employee type
 Enlisted36 03780.4646774.4417273.6229575.7
 Other (cadet/unknown)11592.6290.3190.3100.3
Educational attainment
 Less than high school graduate1760.4420.5300.5120.4
 High school graduate or equivalent30 37867.8509658.6320856.6188862.3
 Some college/technical school687915.3148717.199217.549516.3
 Bachelor’s-level degree505011.3151217.4103518.347715.7
 Master’s-level degree8491.93013.52193.9822.7
 Doctorate-level degree1060.2410.5310.5100.3
 Other or not indicated13853.12172.51502.6672.2
Number of deployments for DWH
Median duration of DWH deployment (days)
Timing of DWH deployment†
 Pre-July 15 capping of well617171.0388268.5228975.5
 July 15 and after240027.6178331.561720.4
Time between end of DWH deployment and taking survey (days)‡
 Survey 1 median1.0
 Survey 2 median§153.0
Average hours of sleep per night‡
Smoked during deployment‡
Use of any oil exposure-reducing PPE‡409972.4
  • *AI, American Indian; AN, Alaska Native; NH, Native Hawaiian; PI, Pacific Islander.†125 responders who did not complete a survey had no dates reported.‡Survey data only.§The timestamp of survey 2 is missing for 20% (N=950) of responders.

  • Bold typeface indicates statistical significance.

  • DWH, Deepwater Horizon; PPE, personal protective equipment.