Table 1

Characteristics of the study population

Age, years507654.33.8
Body mass index (kg/m²)507626.04.1
Smoking (yes/no)
 Yes and ex-smoker110222
Physical work environment during working life
 Sedentary work261853
 Moderate physical work107222
 Hard physical work82717
 Very hard physical work4148
Psychosocial work environment
 Quantitative demands
  Often to always104121
  Never to sometimes396479
 Influence/Decision authority
  Often to always374075
  Never to sometimes127025
 Emotional demands
  Often to always153131
  Never to sometimes347769
  Work pace
  Often to always220644
  Never to sometimes280756
 Role conflicts
  To a high to very high degree52110
  Poor to partly degree445990
 Possibilities for development
  To a high to very high degree400780
  Poor to partly degree100320
  To a high to very high degree283257
  Poor to partly degree211943
Chronic diseases
 Back disease (have or have had)130626
 No back disease370574
 Cancer inclusive leukaemia (have or have had)2124
 No cancer inclusive leukaemia479996
 Chronic depression or anxiety (have or have had)51610
 No chronic depression or anxiety449790
  • Values are percentage of participants or mean and SD.