Table 1

Respiratory function results

PatientRespiratory function (most recent)Prebronchodilator FVC decline (mL/year)Prebronchodilator FEV1 decline  (mL/year)Duration of follow-up (months)
1Normal spirometry, reduced gas transfer (DLCO 67%)7504508
2Restrictive defect (FVC 49%), reduced gas transfer (DLCO 41%)99478814
3Mixed obstructive/restrictive defect (FEV47%, FVC 55%), reduced gas transfer (DLCO 53%)26025047
4Mixed obstructive/restrictive defect (FEV20%, FVC 60%), reduced gas transfer (DLCO 26%)18024635
5Restrictive defect (FVC 62%), reduced gas transfer (DLCO 65%)33341318
6Mixed obstructive/restrictive defect (FEV53%, FVC 71%)Not availableNot available0
7Restrictive defect (FVC 54%), reduced gas transfer (DLCO 31%)1711717
  • Patient 6 longitudinal results not available for evaluation.

  • DLCO, diffusing capacity of the lungs for carbon monoxide; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC, forced vital capacity.