Table 4

Excretion rate and half-lives for serum PFAS concentrations in 106 participants in a panel study after end of exposure through contaminated drinking water

AllMen aged 15–50Women aged 15–50
Mean95% CIMean95% CIMean95% CIp*
Excretion rate constant (per year)†
PFHxS0.130.12 to to to 0.180.008
PFOS0.200.19 to to to 0.260.004
PFOA0.260.24 to to to 0.340.29
Half-life (years)‡
PFHxS5.34.6 to to to 5.90.008
PFOS3.43.1 to to to 3.70.004
PFOA2.72.5 to to to 3.00.29
  • The subgroup aged 15–50 includes 20 men and 30 women.

  • *p Values for the difference between genders in the model for excretion rate.

  • †The estimates in the table are adjusted for age, gender and body mass index in a mixed-effects model.

  • ‡Half-life values are all calculated from excretion rate constant.

  • PFAS, perfluorinated and polyfluorinated substance; PFHxS, perfluorohexane sulfonate; PFOA, perfluorooctanoate; PFOS, perfluorooctane sulfonate.