Table 2

HRs for disability pension due to all causes, musculoskeletal and mental disorders in persons aged 20–65 years (first 2 years of follow-up excluded)

No of casesIncidence rate
(per 1000 py)
HR*HR†95% CI†
All causes
 Mostly sedentary882111.001.00
 Much walking1239151.281.261.16 to 1.38
 Much walking + lifting1199161.691.441.32 to 1.58
 Heavy physical work517161.761.491.33 to 1.70
Musculoskeletal disorders
 Mostly sedentary27341.001.00
 Much walking46151.471.431.23 to 1.67
 Much walking + lifting48572.211.821.57 to 2.12
 Heavy physical work25592.942.392.00 to 2.86
Mental disorders
 Mostly sedentary12421.001.00
 Much walking14221.051.090.85 to 1.39
 Much walking + lifting10020.970.930.71 to  1.23
 Heavy physical work4421.010.980.68 to 1.40
  • Occupational physical activity groups relative to the mostly sedentary group.

  • *Adjusted for age (continuous) and sex.

  • †Adjusted for age (continuous), sex and education (<10, 10–12 and ≥13 years), marital status (unmarried, married, widow/widower and divorced/separated), smoking (never, previous and current), physical symptoms (0–5), number of somatic conditions (0, 1, 2 and ≥3), Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (continuous), leisure-time physical activity (inactive and active) and body mass index (<25.0, 25.0–29.9 and ≥30.0 kg/m2).

  • py, person-years.