Table 3

Results from the multinomial logistic regression models for the association between spray/disinfectant use and incident wheezing versus never wheezing, persistent wheezing versus never wheezing and remittent wheezing versus never wheezing (n=1695)

Incident wheezing*Persistent wheezing*Remittent wheezing*
OR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CI
Spray use
 No useReferenceReferenceReference
 Low use1.530.88 to 2.651.020.65 to 1.610.970.64 to 1.46
 Medium use1.340.75 to 2.390.970.60 to 1.571.030.67 to 1.58
 High use1.710.80 to 3.671.240.65 to 2.391.300.73 to 2.30
Disinfectant use
 No useReferenceReferenceReference
 Low/medium use1.080.60 to 1.981.220.74 to 2.010.790.47 to 1.30
 High use0.790.40 to 1.560.980.56 to 1.700.940.58 to 1.52
  • *Compared with never wheezing.

  • All models adjusted for age, sex, socioeconomic status, smoking and study centre.