Table 2

Results from the multinomial logistic regression models for the association between spray/disinfectant use and incident asthma versus never asthma, persistent asthma versus never asthma and remittent asthma versus never asthma (n=1695)

Incident asthma*Persistent asthma*Remittent asthma*
OR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CI
Spray use
 No useReferenceReferenceReference
 Low use0.700.23 to 2.060.660.34 to 1.280.910.46 to 1.80
 Medium use0.780.26 to 2.360.650.32 to 1.290.990.50 to 1.97
 High use2.790.84 to 9.200.550.18 to 1.631.520.65 to 3.55
95% CI
Disinfectant use
 No useReferenceReferenceReference
 Low/medium use1.550.51 to 4.711.790.82 to 3.912.391.29 to 4.47
 High use2.791.14 to 6.831.700.79 to 3.651.150.49 to 2.70
  • *Compared with never asthma.

  • All models adjusted for age, sex, socioeconomic status, smoking and study centre.