Table 4

Factors associated with participants’ total AUDIT and binge drinking scores—results from a four-step hierarchical linear regression analysis; n=(1410)

Total AUDITSingle-occasion drinking
Pearson CorrelationAdjusted r2Standardised regression weights†Pearson correlationAdjusted r2Standardised regression weights
1. Sociodemographics0.0670.076
 Gender (0, male; 1, female)−0.193**−0.199**−0.232**−0.223**
 Dependent children (0, no; 1, yes)−0.027−0.0410.005−0.029
 Trade vs certificate−0.117**−0.067−0.139**−0.086*
 Social Network Index−0.002−0.0070.057*0.048
2. Health history0.1050.083
 Chronic physical condition (0, no; 1, at least one condition)0.0480.0600.0440.058
 Depression (0, no; 1, yes)−0.033−0.050−0.061−0.028
 Anxiety (0, no; 1, yes)0.0240.065−0.0420.011
 Drug or alcohol problems (0, no; 1, yes)0.185**0.173**0.0670.057
3. Current health0.2120.156
 Psychological distress0.159**0.152**0.0410.062
 Daily smoker (0, no; 1, yes)0.195**0.116**0.218**0.165**
 Cannabis usage0.287**0.141**0.243**0.164**
 Synthetic cannabis usage0.194**0.0050.111**−0.033
 Other illicit drugs0.296**0.139**0.179**0.042
4. Workplace factors and attitudes
 Workplace factors0.2410.181
  Mine type (0, open cut; 1, underground)0.157**0.079*0.156**0.076*
  Commute type (0, FIFO/DIDO; 1, local)0.039−0.0010.028−0.009
  Years working in mining−0.033−0.021−0.016−0.018
  Time to camp (FIFO—0, low; 1, high)0.0340.0090.0330.011
  Daily commute time (local—0, low; 1, high)0.0070.007−0.0020.009
  Managers vs others−0.049−0.019−0.038−0.003
  Professional vs technician and machinery operators−0.085**0.016−0.097**0.004
  Technicians vs machinery operators0.083*0.0590.067*0.040
  Employment status (0, part time; 1, full-time)−0.015−0.069−0.036−0.070
  Principal employee vs contractor/subcontractor−0.073*−0.054−0.038−0.026
  Regular shift vs rotating shift (0, regular; 1, rotating)0.0380.064−0.032−0.051
  Most common shift length−0.0470.020−0.0530.005
  Proportion of days at work−0.027−0.040−0.014−0.006
  Satisfaction with work−0.0640.055−0.0260.033
  Concern about losing job0.0520.0430.0400.045
  Work in mining for financial reasons0.162**0.071*0.143**0.084*
  Work in mining because I love the work, and the roster suits my family−0.092**−0.028−0.051−0.003
  Perception of mine’s commitment to mental health−0.0320.018−0.018−0.020
  JCQ—perceived job demands exceed job resources0.092**0.0500.0620.029
  Perceived control over work−0.102**−0.039−0.088**−0.027
  • Bivariate associations (ie, Pearson correlations) measure the strength of an independent linear relationship between each variable and AUDIT scores, with scores closer to ±1 indicating a stronger linear relationship. The multivariate analysis (ie, standardised estimate) shows the strength of the relationship, after accounting for the contribution of all other variables at the same level of the hierarchy, and all levels above.

  • *p<0.01; **p<0.001.

  • †Standardised regression weights refer to β coefficients.

  • ‡Individual items and scoring used to assess attitudes are shown in table 1.

  • AUDIT, Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test; DIDO, drive-in drive-out; FIFO, fly-in fly-out; JCQ, Job Content Questionnaire.