Table 1

Physical occupational exposures and baseline sociodemographic and health characteristics (GAZEL cohort, men, n=13 393)

VariablenPer cent
Age group (years)
 50–5412 65194.5
Occupational grade (1989)
Social class (1989)
 Managers and professionals402230.0
 Intermediate occupations737855.1
 Low-level non-manual5023.8
 Low-level manual149111.1
Physical occupational exposures
Perceived ergonomic strain (1989/1990)
 No exposure461134.4
 Exposed, median or less488636.5
 Exposed, over median389629.1
Perceived physical strain (1989/1990)
 Median or less771557.6
 Over median567842.4
Perceived physical danger (1989/1990)
 No exposure282921.1
 Exposed, median or less544740.7
 Exposed, over median511738.2
Rotating shifts involving night working (1989/1990)
 Never or occasionally12 65494.5
Number of episodes of absence due to industrial injuries (1978–2009)
 None11 04782.5
 Two or more7415.5
Accumulated chemical exposures (1956–1998)
 No exposure520538.9
 Exposed, median or less412330.8
 Exposed, over median406530.4
Self-rated health
 Good10 79280.6
Chronic health conditions
  • *Presence of chronic health conditions includes illness reported at or before baseline.