Table 4

Association between an estimated parental ≥20 pg/g TCDD serum concentration at time of birth and the probability of a parent-reported health problem in the offspring

355 births after start of employment
TCDD<20 pg/g (n=218)TCDD≥20 pg/g (n=137)OR* (95% CI)OR for ln-TCDD
continuous (95% CI)
Any health problem reported3315%2418%1.33 (0.72 to 2.45)1.10 (0.91 to 1.32)
Congenital malformation136%54%0.54 (0.16 to 1.85)0.89 (0.68 to 1.16)
Thyroid/gland problem†00%32%1.85 (1.37 to 2.48)
  • *OR adjusted for: age of parent at year of birth, sex of exposed parent, sex of child.

  • †Thyroid/gland problem refers to the parent reporting that their offspring had ‘gland problems’, ‘thyroid problems’ or ‘thyroid surgery’. For none of the offspring with reported thyroid/gland problem, the parent reported they had a thyroid problem themselves. Of the three children reported to have thyroid problems, two were from an exposed father and one from an exposed mother. The OR could not be adjusted for age of exposed parent at year of birth.

  • TCDD, 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin.