Table 1

Descriptive characteristics of participants

Number of participants (proportion—%), by gender
 Female71 (72.4)
 Male27 (27.6)
Average age in years (range)40 (23–65)
Average height in cm (SD)167 (9.8)
Average weight in kg (SD)73 (17.4)
Median number of exposure measurements per person (range)1 (1–4)
Average shift duration in hours (range)8 (0.7–12.5)
Hours worked in MRI per week (range)28 (0.5–40)
Number of participants (proportion—%) by job title
 Radiographer71 (72)
 OHCP21 (21)
 Medical3 (3)
 Anaesthetist3 (3)
  • OHCP, other healthcare professionals.