Table 1

Compliance scores: farm equipment lighting and marking laws in nine Midwest states compared with ASABE standards

Lighting and marking score components*ASABE standardILIAKSMNMONENDSDWI
Lighting score components
Tractors and SPAE
 Number of headlights2 headlights212112112
 Number of taillights2 taillights211111111
 Required taillight colourRed222222222
 Flashing amber lights requiredYes111100110
 Turn signals requiredYes100000000
 White lights to rear permittedNo222202202
Towed agricultural equipment
 Number of taillights2 taillights211001120
 Required taillight colourRed222202222
 Flashing amber lights requiredYes112100110
 Turn signals requiredYes100000000
Lighting and marking score components
 Lighting/marking required to define outer bounds of tractor or SPAEYes101001110
 Lighting/marking required on towed unit, if visible on towing unitNo122102222
 Lighting/marking required to define outer bounds of towed unitYes100100110
Marking score components
Tractors and SPAE
 Number of reflectors2 reflectors102101220
 Size of reflectors2×4.5 inches100000000
 Required distance at which reflectors are visible100–1000 feet101101111
 SMV emblem requiredYes222211121
Towed agricultural equipment
 SMV emblem requiredYes222101111
 Number of reflectors2 reflectors102100000
 Size of reflectors on attachments2×4.5 inches100000020
 Required distance at which reflectors are visible100–1000 feet101101111
Standardised total combined lighting and marking score100694062451243505536
Standardised total lighting score100735062461550585442
Standardised total marking score10059275941536455927
  • *Lighting and marking scores: 2=meets or exceeds ASABE standard, 1=partial compliance with ASABE standard, 0=ASABE standard not addressed by statute.

  • Lighting and marking scores each include lighting and marking score components. Total lighting and marking score ‘counts’ lighting and marking score components only once.

  • ASABE, American Society for Agricultural and Biological Engineers; IA, Iowa; IL, Illinois; KS, Kansas; MN, Minnesota; MO, Missouri; NE, Nebraska; ND, North Dakota; SD, South Dakota; SMV, slow moving vehicle; SPAE, self-propelled agricultural equipment; WI, Wisconsin.