Table 2

Priorities in principal domains; rating—round 1 results

Rating scorePrincipal domains (n=339)Yes (%)No (%)Not relevant (%)
1General principles of assessment and management of occupational hazards to health98.80.60.6
2Communication skills98.50.60.9
3Ethical and legal issues97.90.61.5
4Team working and leadership skills97.10.92.1
5Assessment of disability and fitness for work96.52.11.5
6Health promotion953.21.8
7Good clinical care94.72.13.2
8Clinical governance/clinical improvement94.12.73.2
9Environmental issues related to work practice92.94.72.4
10Management skills92.62.94.4
11Teaching and educational supervision90.65.34.1
12Research methods90.35.64.1