Table 1

Overview of inclusion and exclusion criteria

Inclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
PopulationEmployees exposed to psychosocial working conditions in midlife or late life (minimum 40 years)Diseases, disorders or medical conditions (eg, brain diseases or dementia)
DesignLongitudinal studies: observational cohort studies, case-control or randomised controlled trialsCross-sectional studies, case studies, discussion papers, reviews, meta-analyses
ExposuresPsychosocial working conditions (eg, working hours, psychological work demands), work environment factors (eg, job control)Chemicals (eg, solvents, manganese) physical demands, psychological distress
OutcomesLevels of cognitive function or changes in cognitive function over time (eg, age-related cognitive decline)Outcomes with no clear definition of cognitive function (eg, psychological health, psychological stress, depressive symptoms)