Table 2

Job groups analysed and numbers of deaths from all causes by time period, men aged 20–74 years, England and Wales, 1979–2010

Number of deaths from all causes combined at ages 20–74 yearsPer cent change in annual number of deaths
1979–90 to 2000–10
Job group1979–1980
Marketing and sales managers combined14 45414 13219 10545
Vocational trainers, social scientists, etc382838553415−2
Other health professions combined236024311962−9
Professional athletes, sports officials4826241068144
Chemical engineers and scientists255425392018−13
Other professional engineers16 76617 23014 787−3
Laboratory technicians579533252331−56
Aircraft flight deck officers6198145742
Other technicians45936308627650
Production and maintenance managers27 59121 68914 224−43
Managers in construction703655785465−15
Managers in transport, mining and energy industries16 24713 5179562−35
Publicans and bar staff17 41512 44610 346−35
Farming and fishing combined58 11340 78230 071−43
Armed forces10 03782048266−9
Fire service personnel280526431920−25
Sales representatives24 23415 86910 839−51
Other service personnel combined40 18134 14323 204−36
Rail travel assistants combined974963311032−88
Forestry workers14591090675−49
Leather and related trades combined610831891078−81
Weavers and knitters combined33861782860−72
Other textile processing operatives combined10 18523391419−85
Chemical workers combined18 14698215117−69
Other food drink and tobacco process operatives nec combined10 39173305886−38
Paper and wood machine operatives combined888249463104−62
Glass and ceramic workers combined784644222628−63
Coal miners combined47 24927 89614 208−67
Carpenters and joiners25 91422 04920 817−12
Cabinet makers combined397228222276−37
Smiths and forge workers26331570836−65
Moulders, core makers, die casters46072198909−78
Electroplaters combined1273849509−56
Other metal manufacturers combined12 22476133825−66
Metal machining setters and setter-operators combined11 34910 4824582−56
Metal working machine operatives combined54 44234 15424 181−51
Production fitters49 78138 53523 220−49
Motor mechanics, auto engineers combined14 78813 16211 536−14
Electricians, electrical maintenance fitters combined20 71918 38121 25313
Cable jointers, lines repairers17281362824−48
Radio, TV and video engineers202516981220−34
Electrical engineers (not professional) combined780367534836−32
Plumbers, heating and ventilating engineers and related trades16 01914 79714 046−4
Sheet metal workers752948062919−57
Metal plate workers, shipwrights, riveters556041202151−57
Steel erectors351736751837−43
Scaffolders, riggers combined332134842898−4
Welding trades11 78310 4148140−24
Coach and vehicle body builders and repairers combined2122232420064
Painters and decorators28 10321 24118 661−27
Assemblers/lineworkers (electrical/electronic goods)10311903136345
Packers, sorters and testers combined794715 376856319
Bricklayers, masons combined17 35911 2888412−47
Roofers and glaziers32673908561089
Rail construction and maintenance workers30201590761−72
Road construction workers and paviors494733292979−34
Other construction workers combined48 60245 15459 23034
Mine (excluding coal) and quarry workers258016581279−45
Rail transport operatives combined29941707341525
Railway engine drivers417938361682−56
Lorry drivers58 47554 54548 106−10
Mechanical plant drivers and operatives (earth moving and civil engineering)28053736367344
Crane drivers815348872713−63
Fork lift and mechanical truck drivers63306967677118
Storekeepers and warehousemen/women46 73928 46719 928−53
Dockers goods porters and slingers combined14 15494432829−78
Electrical, energy, boiler operatives and attendants combined942843931818−79
Other transport, plant and machine operatives combined314612 5239418229