Table 3

Excess mortality from diseases caused by occupational exposure to dusts and fumes, men aged 20–74 years,* England and Wales, 1979–2010

1979–1980, 1982–19901991–20002001–2010
Cause of deathExposureDeaths observed†Deaths expected†Annual excess†Deaths observed†Deaths expected†Annual excess†Deaths observed†Deaths expected†Annual excess†
Coal workers’ pneumoconiosisCoal mine dust94285.649849.821021.0
Cancer of the peritoneumAsbestos17894.77.616893.67.4173100.37.3
Cancer of the pleuraAsbestos1491792.563.51495836.565.81239681.455.8
Mesothelioma at unspecified and other sites combinedAsbestos31491790.3135.9
SilicosisSilica dust16314.8505.0393.9
TuberculosisSilica dust8860.82.54224.51.72315.00.8
Other pneumoconiosis combinedVarious24422.2989.8494.9
ByssinosisTextile dust393.560.610.1
Farmers’ lung diseaseSpores in mouldy hay666.0343.4171.7
Other and unspecified allergic pneumonitisVarious70.90.631.
Cancer of the nose and nasal sinuses and middle earLeather dust, wood dust5025.42.23515.42.03011.71.8
Combined pneumonia (excluding bronchopneumonia)Metal fume16487.07.012280.24.28975.61.3
Chronic bronchitis and emphysemaCoal mine dust, silica dust, metal fume73915513.8170.738893041.784.720631702.636.0
Total11 2606697.2414.869134186.7272.675414413.0312.8
  • *Deaths from pneumonia in relation to metal fume are at ages 20–64 years.

  • †For coal workers’ pneumoconiosis, asbestosis, silicosis, other pneumoconiosis combined, byssinosis and farmers’ lung disease, the number of deaths observed is for all occupations combined, and was used to calculate the annual excess. For all other hazards, the numbers of deaths observed and expected are for job groups designated as being at risk (see text on methods and online Supplementary table S4), and the excess rate was based on the difference between observed and expected.