Table 1

Causes of death analysed and numbers of deaths by time period in all job groups combined, men aged 20–74 years, England and Wales, 1979–2010

Number of deaths in all job groups combined at ages 20–74 years*Per cent change in annual number of deaths
1979–1990 to 2000–2010
Cause of death1979–1980
Infectious diseases
 Viral hepatitis544592998102
 Cancer of the oral cavity3687328335335
 Cancer of the pharynx (specified)28302566306419
 Cancer of the liver53396472867879
 Cancer of the peritoneum36236536310
 Cancer of the nose and nasal sinuses and middle ear839518400−48
 Cancer of the larynx483239623213−27
 Cancer of the pleura284828942314−11
 Mesothelioma at other sites and unspecified combined6114
 Other cancer of skin (excluding melanoma)1219910722−35
 Cancer of the scrotum852916−79
 Urothelial cancer18 40314 18410 691−36
Other alcohol-related diseases
 Other alcohol-related diseases (excluding alcohol poisoning)821614 53026 701257
Respiratory diseases
 Combined pneumonia (excluding bronchopnuemonia)36724410419126
 Chronic bronchitis and emphysema85 09654 94138 955−50
 Farmer’s lung disease663417−72
 Other and unspecified allergic pneumonitis243668212
 Coal worker’s pneumoconiosis942498210−75
 Other pneumoconiosis combined2449849−78
Digestive diseases
 Cirrhosis (not specified as biliary)53275533646934
Injury and poisoning
 Railway accidents combined562239142−72
 Motor vehicle traffic accidents combined20 42811 95210 154−45
 Off-road motor vehicle traffic accidents combined476261132−69
 Animal transport accidents rider/passenger532620−58
 Water transport accidents499173126−72
 Air transport accident42721692−76
 Pesticide poisoning1155−50
 Poisoning by other gases and vapours combined617263177−68
 Fall from ladder or scaffolding606294208−62
 Fall from building900416358−56
 Fall into hole963511532
 Other fall428291171−56
 Slipping and tripping1219174−33
 Fall unspecified1040877123030
 Injured by fire1202871577−47
 Heat injury14105−61
 Injury by animals and plants combined41424623
 Injury by lightning20145−73
 Injury by falling, thrown or projected object647263160−73
 Injury by being caught between objects543124−51
 Injury by machinery90734189−89
 Injury by cutting and piercing instruments or objects887229−64
 Injury by explosion of pressure vessel30165−82
 Injury by firearms954417−80
 Injury by explosive material1485212−91
 Injury by hot substances542813−74
 Injury by electric current452255144−65
  • *For pneumonia, injury and poisoning, the numbers of deaths are at ages 20–64 years.