Table 2

HRs of atrial fibrillation in relation to work-related psychosocial stress in a longitudinal general population-based study of 6070 Swedish men

VariableHR95% CI
High strain*1.321.003 to 1.75
Current smoking†1.150.90 to 1.45
Former smoking†1.180.92 to 1.51
Starter†0.680.33 to 1.40
Unknown†0.820.49 to 1.39
Blue collar‡1.020.84 to 1.24
Hypertension‡1.561.26 to 1.93
Body mass index§1.041.01 to 1.07
Diabetes‡1.300.74 to 2.27
  • The results are from the whole population adjusted for age, smoking, socioeconomic status, hypertension, body mass index and diabetes.

  • *Versus others.

  • †Versus never smoking.

  • ‡Yes versus no.

  • §Per unit (kg/m2).