Table 3

HR estimates and corresponding 95% CIs for hearing loss, noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus

HR95% Wald CI
Hearing loss
 Musician1.45(1.276 to 1.646)
 Male sex1.01(1.002 to 1.017)
 Age at cohort entry1.04(1.035 to 1.036)
Noise-induced hearing loss
 Musician3.61(1.806 to 7.201)
 Male sex2.10(1.947 to 2.273)
 Age at cohort entry1.001(0.998 to 1.004)
 Musician1.57(1.337 to 1.845)
 Male sex0.99(0.922 to 0942)
 Age at cohort entry1.02(1.021 to 1.022)