Table 1

Characteristics of the participants (N=11 908)

NPer centMeanSD
Questionnaire round
Age, years11 90840.911.1
 No, never519843.9
Physical activity during leisure
BMI (kg/m2)11 71824.83.9
Psychosocial work factors (0–100)
 Emotional demands11 72530.324.5
 Influence at work11 73849.526.8
 Support from colleagues11 38175.721.9
 Support from superior11 56569.426.2
Musculoskeletal pain intensity last 3 months (0–9)
 Low back90692.12.4
Mental health (0–100)11 80884.513.1
Socioeconomic status
 Higher professionals and managers168114.1
 Lower professionals and managers205117.2
 Clerical, services and sales workers312126.2
 Skilled workers232619.5
 Semiskilled and unskilled workers272922.9
  • Values are percentage of participants or mean and SDs.

  • BMI, body mass index.