Table 3

Mean (SE) scores of secondary outcomes after 12 months follow-up*

OutcomeGroupNMeanSE95% CIt TestpValue
HAD totalAWaC37613.000.4312.14 to 13.84t=3.14, df=6250.002
Control25115.120.5314.08 to 16.16
Depression (HAD-D)AWaC3765.110.234.67 to 5.56t=3.23, df=6250.001
Control2516.270.285.72 to 6.81
Anxiety (HAD-A)AWaC3767.880.247.40 to 8.36t=2.52, df=6250.012
Control2518.860.308.26 to 9.46
Health-related quality of life (EQ5D)AWaC37665.641.1563.38 to 67.90t=−2.24, df=6160.026
Control25161.571.4158.78 to 64.36
  • *Inverse probability weights were performed to account for non-response. The weights included demographics (age, gender and education) and the outcomes of interest (psychological distress, anxiety and depression symptoms).

  • AWaC, At Work and Coping; HAD, Hospital Anxiety and Depression.