Table 5

Associations of lymphatic and haematopoietic cancers with exposure to styrene in nested case–control analyses

Highest exposure to styrene
BackgroundLow/moderateHigh <1 yearHigh ≥1 year
CancerCasesControlsCasesControlsOR95% CICasesControlsOR95% CICasesControlsOR95% CI
Hodgkin's disease3272111.500.17 to 13.561210.390.03 to 5.091110.740.06 to 9.94
Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (including chronic lymphocytic leukaemia)26175141660.530.24 to 1.15181870.610.30 to 1.25111180.540.23 to 1.27
Multiple myeloma6767632.150.51 to 9.126412.660.67 to 10.645352.660.62 to 11.35
Other leukaemia8595570.600.13 to 2.796560.840.23 to 3.023350.620.13 to 3.03
All lymphatic and haematopoietic cancer43337282970.730.40 to 1.33313050.810.47 to 1.41201990.760.40 to 1.44
  • All risk estimates are relative to background exposure, and relate to exposure status 5 years before the case (for controls, the matched case) was first known to have been diagnosed.