Table 1

Cases of death from chronic kidney disease in the Guanacaste province and the rest of Costa Rica, by time periods of use of versions 8, 9 and 10 of the International Classification of Disease (ICD), 1970–2012, and person-years during the period

Time periods for ICD versionsGuanacasteAll other provincesCosta Rica
ICD8 (1970–1979)
 582 Chronic nephritis3111190173405
 583 Nephritis, unqualified43292763
 584 Renal sclerosis, unqualified10023
 Subtotal ICD83614219202471
ICD9 (1980–1996)
 582 Chronic glomerulonephritis634054103
 583 Nephritis and nephrosis not specified as acute or chronic37272259
 585 Chronic renal failure196656765001437
 586 Renal failure, unspecified116111101229
 587 Renal sclerosis006410
 Subtotal ICD9216818606811838
ICD10 (1997–2012)
 N18 Chronic kidney disease623188169911073617
 N19 Unspecified kidney failure169174170369
 Subtotal ICD10639197187312773986
Total 1970–2012891292295221606295
Census population data during study period
 Population 1973×10391.487.3847.2845.91871.8
 Population 1984×10399.296.01109.01112.62416.8
 Population 2000×103133.3130.91769.31776.73810.2
 Population 2011×103162.0165.01944.12030.74301.8
 Person years 1970–2012×1065.174.9563.2262.13135.47