Table 5

Work organisational characteristics reported by home care aides (n=1249) in the safe home care survey

All Aides n=1249Agency-hired aides n=634Client-hired aides n=615
nPer centnPer centnPer centp Value*
Job satisfaction
 I get the respect I deserve106485.254986.651583.70.149
 My work contributes to improving client’s health111789.457490.554388.30.206
 I would recommend this job to a friend109487.656288.653286.50.261
 I probably or definitely will NOT leave my job103582.954085.249580.50.028
 I continue to work in my current job because:
  I enjoy caring for others106985.657290.249780.8<0.001
  I have a flexible work schedule78162.542066.236158.70.006
  I can work independently74759.839662.535157.10.052
Job Security
 I have a stable job, I’m not afraid of losing it81665.343168.038562.60.045
 I have good opportunities for promotion/professional development57145.731048.926142.20.018
 My hours are predictable, usually the same week to week85968.837759.548278.4<0.001
Safety climate
 My employer considers my health and safety important112890.359894.353086.2<0.001
 I would be taken seriously if I reported disrespect99879.955988.243971.4<0.001
 Clients ask me to do things that are not part of my job50240.233052.017228.0<0.001
 I believe client care comes before my safety40332.317527.622837.1<0.001
 I get enough information on client’s health to protect myself98478.848476.350081.30.031
 I know how to report sharps injuries98979.256088.342969.8<0.001
  • Per cent who agree or strongly agree with statements about their current job.

  • *Test of H0: no difference in the percentage of work organisational characteristics reported by agency-hired versus client-hired aides.