Table 2

Number of reported and validated cases of chronic diseases in workers

Number of self-reported casesNumber of medical record reviewedNumber of valid casesPer cent validated among reviewed
Osteoarthritis with medication233NA*NANA
Hypertension with medication1503NA*NANA
High cholesterol with medication1331NA*NANA
Coronary heart disease48643639992
Type II diabetes48444541393
Thyroid disease with medication23117916592
Liver disease2161277458
 Enlarged liver/fatty liver/cirrhosis921273931
Autoimmune disease (combined)2261697444
Asthma with medication1381088478
Cancer (combined)44134433597
  • *Medical records were not sought for osteoarthritis, hypertension and high cholesterol. Cases of these diseases were analysed only if participants reported taking medication for them. Twenty-seven participants reporting osteoarthritis also reported rheumatoid arthritis, and were excluded from the osteoarthritis analysis.

  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; NA, not applicable.