Table 1

Description of cohort

CompanyLocationProductPeriod in which styrene was usedParticipants eligible for inclusion in studyNumber of participants analysed*
AStaffordshireCar bodies1953–All employees, 1.1.67–31.12.81949
BLancashirePanels for vehicles1956–81All employees in the glass-reinforced plastics department, 1.1.56–31.12.81523
CAvonCar bodies, fuel tanks and other mouldings1960–All employees, 1.1.63–29.2.843133
DDorsetBoats1947–All employees, 1.1.46–1.7.82751
EAvonPanels for vehicles1968–All employees, 1.1.68–1.4.82515
FWest YorkshirePipes and vessels1954–All employees, 1.1.58–1.9.82448
GNottinghamshireFabrications and decorative panels1961–All employees, 1.7.77–30.10.82178
HBedfordshireFabrications and mouldings1953–60All employees, 1.1.53–31.12.601473
  • *Six workers were each employed by two of the participating companies, and in this table were arbitrarily assigned to the first factory at which they worked. In subsequent analyses by level of exposure, their exposure histories at the two factories were combined.