Table 4

Concentrations (ng/g solution) of o-, m- and p-toluidine in one hair waving product

Solutiono-Toluidine (ng/g)m-Toluidine (ng/g)p-Toluidine (ng/g)
Perming lotionNDNDND
Nourishing creamNDNDND
 1st Preparation0.270.06ND
 2nd Preparation0.230.15ND
Perming lotion+fixative
 1st Preparation0.170.01ND
 2nd Preparation0.120.02ND
  • The product consisted of three solutions: a perming lotion containing the hair waving ingredients ammonium thioglycolate and ammonium thiolactate; a fixative containing polyquaternium-7—that is, a polyacrylamide; and a nourishing cream; all components contained several ingredients of unknown concentration in the product.

  • ND, not detected.