Table 2

Mortality of cohort from major categories of disease, 1946–2012

Cause of deathICD codesAll workersWorkers with more than background exposure to styrene
ICD 9ICD 10Deaths observedDeaths expectedSMR95% CIDeaths observedDeaths expectedSMR95% CI
All cancers140–208C00-C97973962.51.010.95 to 1.08651622.11.050.97 to 1.13
Circulatory disease390–459I00-I9912831345.50.950.90 to 1.01831841.30.990.92 to 1.06
Respiratory disease460–519J00-J99360388.20.930.83 to 1.03230236.50.970.85 to 1.11
Digestive diseases008–009, 520–579K00-K93109120.30.910.74 to 1.097277.50.930.73 to 1.17
Injury and poisoning800–999U509, V01-Y89117125.20.930.77 to 1.128084.30.950.75 to 1.18
All Causes001–999A00-R99, U509, V01-Y8931213225.90.970.93 to 1.0020222036.10.990.95 to 1.04
  • ICD, International Classification of Diseases.