Table 1

Descriptive statistics for a cohort of workers employed between 1948 and 2002 at a DuPont plant in West Virginia (n=3713)

Male2955 (80%)
Caucasian3284 (88%)
High school or less1302 (35%)
Some college1081 (29%)
College or more1330 (36%)
Current smokers427 (12%)
Never smoked1989 (54%)
Former smokers1297 (35%)
Mean year birth1951 (SD 14)
Per cent died by 2011223 (6%)
Ever-alcohol drinker2030 (55%)
Mean measured PFOA serum level in 2005/2006 (n=1881)*325 ng/mL (SD 920)
Median measured PFOA
Serum level in 2005/2006 (n=1881)
113 ng/mL
Mean predicted PFOA serum level in 2005/2006 (n=1881) from model*218 mg/mL (SD 358)
Median predicted PFOA
Serum level in 2005/2006 (n=1881) from model
94 ng/mL
  • *A subset of the 3713 workers studied here were in the C8 Health Project survey of 2005/2006. Their measured levels at that time are presented here, as well as the predicted levels for these workers in 2005/2006 based on residential and occupational exposures.

  • PFOA, perfluorooctanoic acid.