Table 3

Exposure to CAREX agents by broad industry group

Industry subsector (two-digit NAICS code)Total employed (n)Number of exposuresExposures per workerTop three exposures
31-Manufacturing2 006 0001 479 0000.74SHIFT, WOOD, BENZ
23-Construction1 069 0001 188 0001.11SOL, SILI, WOOD
48-Transportation and warehousing820 000764 0000.93DEE, SOL, SHIFT
44-Retail trade1 917 000553 0000.29SHIFT, PAH, BENZ
62-Health care and social assistance1 716 000468 0000.27SHIFT, ANTI, IRAD
11-Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting524 000441 0000.84SOL, DEE, WOOD
91-Public administration979 000403 0000.41SOL, SHIFT, DEE
72-Accommodation and food services1 127 000400 0000.35SHIFT, PAH, SOL
81-Other services (except public administration)820 000398 0000.49BENZ, PAH, ETHB
56-Administrative and support, waste management and remediation services723 000269 0000.37SOL, SHIFT, DEE
21-Mining and oil and gas extraction239 000261 0001.09SHIFT, SOL, DEE
41-Wholesale trade739 000175 0000.24DEE, SHIFT, SOL
71-Arts, entertainment and recreation346 000118 0000.34SOL, SHIFT, CHLF
54-Professional, scientific and technical services1 122 00086 0000.08SOL, SHIFT, SILI
51-Information and cultural industries417 00077 0000.18SHIFT, SOL, BENZ
61-Educational services1 151 00073 0000.06SHIFT, SOL, FORM
22-Utilities133 00055 0000.41SOL, SHIFT, IRAD
52-Finance and insurance689 00032 0000.05SHIFT, SOL, DEE
53-Real estate and rental and leasing304 00028 0000.09SOL, DEE, BENZ
55-Management of companies and enterprises21 00039000.19SHIFT, SOL, DEE
Total16 861 0007 298 0000.43SHIFT, SOL, DEE
  • ANTI, antineoplastic agents; BENZ, benzene; CHLF, chloroform; DEE, diesel engine exhaust; ETHB, ethylbenzene; FORM, formaldehyde; IRAD, ionising radiation; NAICS, North American Industry Classification System; PAH, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; SHIFT, shift work; SILI, silica; SOL, solar radiation; WOOD, wood dust.