Table 3

HR for all-cause mortality or coronary heart disease mortality according to the combined profiles of occupational physical activity and leisure time physical activity

All-cause mortalityCHD mortality
VariableNo. of deathsHR(95% CI)p ValueNo. of deathsHR(95% CI)p Value
Combined PA variables model (unadjusted)*,†
 Moderate–hard OPA+no LTPA‡35211021
 None–mild OPA+no LTPA1410.68(0.56 to 0.82)<0.0001440.74(0.52 to 1.05)0.092
 Moderate–hard OPA+LTPA480.48(0.36 to 0.65)<0.0001160.56(0.33 to 0.95)0.031
 None–mild OPA+LTPA270.30(0.20 to 0.44)<0.000160.23(0.10 to 0.53)<0.001
Combined PA variables model (adjusted)*,§
 Moderate–hard OPA+no LTPA‡35211021
 None–mild OPA+no LTPA1410.70(0.57 to 0.87)0.001440.78(0.53 to 1.15)0.213
 Moderate–hard OPA+LTPA480.86(0.63 to 1.17)0.341161.00(0.58 to 1.73)0.1
 None–mild OPA+LTPA270.54(0.36 to 0.82)0.00460.44(0.18 to 1.11)0.083
  • *The interaction between OPA and LTPA was not statistically significant in these models (P≥0.15).

  • †ptrend<0.001.

  • ‡Reference category.

  • §Adjusted for age at screening, socioeconomic status (number of people/room), educational status, father’s country of origin, body mass index, cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, smoking, coffee consumption, alcohol consumption, diet, and shift work.

  • CHD, coronary heart disease; LTPA, leisure time physical activity; OPA, occupational physical activity.