Table 2

Association between types of physical activity and all-cause mortality or coronary heart disease mortality

All-cause mortality
CHD mortality
VariableDeaths (N)HR(95% CI)p ValueDeaths (N)HR(95% CI)p Value
 OPA (Moderate–hard)4031.56(1.30 to 1.87)<0.00011191.49(1.07 to 2.07)0.017
 LTPA (≥30 min twice/week)750.45(0.35 to 0.57)<0.0001220.45(0.29 to 0.70)<0.001
Adjusted model 1*
 OPA (Moderate–hard)4031.44(1.18 to 1.75)<0.0011191.35(0.94 to 1.95)0.108
 LTPA (≥30 min twice/week)750.60(0.47 to 0.78)<0.0001220.64(0.40 to 1.02)0.060
Adjusted Model 2*
 OPA† (Moderate–hard)4031.42(1.16 to 1.74)<0.0011191.36(0.94 to 1.97)0.102
 LTPA‡ (≥30 min twice/week)750.61(0.48 to 0.79)<0.001220.65(0.41 to 1.04)0.072
  • *Cox proportional hazards regression model adjusted for age at screening, socioeconomic status (number of people/room), educational status, father’s country of origin, body mass index, cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol hypertension, diabetes, smoking, coffee consumption, alcohol consumption, maintaining a special diet, and shift work.

  • †Adjusted for LTPA.

  • ‡Adjusted for OPA.

  • CHD, coronary heart disease; LTPA, leisure time physical activity; OPA, occupational physical activity.