Table 3

Mean age at diagnosis.

NumberYears (SD)p Value
Mean age at diagnosis
Occupational exposure836768.1 (±10)Ref
Non-occupational exposure123267.2 (±12.3)<0.01
 Familial53067.5 (±11.8)0.161
 Environmental51466.1 (±13.6)<0.001
 Leisure activities18869.3 (±11.01)0.108
Mean age at first exposure
Occupational exposure836722.5 (±8.3)Ref
Non-occupational exposure123218.5 (±15.6)<0.001
 Familial53017 (±14.3)<0.001
 Environmental51417 (±16.2)<0.001
 Leisure activities18827 (±14.5)<0.001
Median latency
Occupational exposure836746 (±12)Ref
Non-occupational exposure123249 (±15)<0.001
 Familial53051 (±14)<0.001
 Environmental51449.5 (±16)<0.001
 Leisure activities18843 (±14.1)<0.01
  • Mean age at first exposure and median latency period of malignant mesothelioma cases collected by the National Mesothelioma Register (ReNaM) by modalities of exposure (Italy, 1993–2008).