Table 1

 Descriptive statistics for categorical variables at baseline for intervention and control groups

VariableIntervention (n=56)Control (n=53)p Value
nPer centnPer cent
Individual risk factors
 Education (<2 years college)712.51120.80.31
 Race (white)5089.34483.00.41
 Marital status (married)4173.23769.80.83
 ≤$35 00023.647.5
 >$35 000–75 0002850.02954.8
 >$75 0002646.42037.70.49
House work (h/week)
Child or elder care (yes)2544.62750.90.57
Smoking status (yes)35.4611.30.36
Handedness (left)712.5815.10.78
Traditional mousing hand (left)11.835.70.35
Current systemic or metabolic morbidity814.335.70.20
Body mass index (kg/m2)
 Males ≤26=no4173.23973.60.97
 Females ≤24=no4885.74483.00.70
Sick leave in past 8 weeks due to a musculoskeletal problem58.959.41.00
Length of musculoskeletal pain (years)
Exacerbation of pain in past 4 weeks (yes)
Current herniated disc low back or neck (yes)
Seeking medical care in past 4 weeks (yes)916.1917.01.00
Active workers’ compensation claim (yes)
Currently taking any medication (yes)814.347.50.36
Orthopedic surgery in past 5 years (yes)610.711.90.11
Modified work ability index (WAI)*
 Unlikely or not certain712.535.7
 Relatively certain4987.55094.30.32
Daily physical activity >3 time per week for >30 min
Trouble sleeping
Department/job title
 Caucus (political party affiliation)3056.63358.9
 Technical branch1324.51017.9
Job title
Mechanical/temporal loads
Upper extremity (UE) support (yes)4173.23566.00.89
Wrist bend or twist (yes)4275.04279.20.70
High finger effort (yes)4071.44177.40.90
Hold neck and UE in static posture (yes)5089.34890.60.80
Deadline (yes)5089.35196.20.14
Overtime (yes)3257.12547.20.51
Hold object by pinching (yes)3562.52852.80.13
Daily break time (min)
Other than computer, repetitive work (yes)1832.12037.70.60
Work multiple jobs using computer (yes)1017.9815.10.80
Weekly time spent on home computer use (h)
Weekly time spent on personal digital assistant or cell phone (h)
Ergonomic knowledge (none or little)
Overall ergonomic knowledge4682.14584.90.70
Risk factors5089.34686.80.69
Ergonomically correct posture4885.74483.00.70
Ergonomically correct workspace5191.24584.90.32
Psychosocial exposures
Supervisor support (low)†4071.44381.10.88
Job satisfaction
 Somewhat or very satisfied (yes)4682.74686.80.84
  • *WAI: Modified question that asked about the individual's ability to perform the job two years from now.

  • †JCQ, Job Content Questionnaire.