Table 2

 Descriptive statistics for continuous variables at baseline for intervention and control groups

VariableIntervention (n=56)Control (n=53)p Value
Mean95% CIMean95% CI
Individual risk factors
 Age4340.0 to 47.04440.0 to 47.00.92
Mechanical/temporal loads
 Hours/week on keyboard2118.0 to 23.02321.0 to 26.00.19
 Hours/week on mouse2220.0 to 25.02523.0 to 28.00.19
 Hours on computer without break2.32.0 to to 2.20.14
 Years worked in job title6.24.4 to to 9.40.32
 Years worked at agency9.87.7 to 11.910.48.1 to 12.70.70
 Daily hours telephone use1.91.5 to to 2.10.87
 Years of computer use21.820.1 to 23.420.619.0 to 22.20.31
Psychosocial exposures
 Linear job strain*67.565.6 to 69.468.466.7 to 70.10.48
  • *Alternative formulation of job strain from the Job Content Questionnaire.