Table 2

Modalities of exposure of malignant mesothelioma (MM) cases (N, %) collected by the National Mesothelioma Register (ReNaM) disentangled by familial, environmental or leisure activity exposure categories and gender (Italy, 1993–2008)

Number of exposures*Per centNumber of exposures*Per cent
Familial: cohabitation with (530 MM cases)
 Other cohabitants1818.05810.1
Environmental: residence near (514 MM cases)
 Asbestos cement plant10343.614444.6
 Rail stock building, repair and demolition plant104.272.2
 Shipbuilding and repair83.472.2
 Steel industry plants20.8123.7
 Chemical or petrochemical plants73.082.5
 Mines or mills73.092.8
 Use of asbestos materials containing asbestos†2934.59280.7
 Home masonry2529.832.6
 Thermal insulation at home910.721.8
Leisure activities (188 MM cases)
 Plumbing or electric repair at home22.421.8
 Car repair44.8
 Other activities1517.91513.2
  • *The number of exposures exceeds the number of mesothelioma cases due to the possibility of multiple exposures for a single case.

  • †Including exposures due to the presence of asbestos in objects not used in a working context (eg, ironing boards, rural tool sheds).