Table 4

Exposure to CAREX agents in the manufacturing sector (excluding ionising radiation and shift work), Canada, 2006

Industry subsector: three-digit NAICS codeTotal employed (n)# ExposuresExposures per workerTop three exposures
321-Wood product manufacturing146 000160 0001.10WOOD, FORM, SOL
336-Transportation equipment manufacturing264 000134 0000.51PB, NI, BENZ
332-Fabricated metal product manufacturing187 000131 0000.70PB, NI, UV
331-Primary metal manufacturing84 000100 0001.19SILI, BENZ, PB
326-Plastics and rubber products manufacturing125 00091 0000.73BENZ, STYR, TDI
337-Furniture and related product manufacturing111 00089 0000.80WOOD, FORM, BENZ
333-Machinery manufacturing131 00071 0000.54PB, UV, NI
327-Non-metallic mineral product manufacturing61 00056 0000.92SILI, DEE, SOL
323-Printing and related support activities91 00048 0000.53BENZ, CR6, PERC
325-Chemical manufacturing92 00034 0000.37BENZ, SILI, FORM
322-Paper manufacturing90 00033 0000.37FORM, WOOD, SOL
339-Miscellaneous manufacturing76 00029 0000.38SILI, NI, BENZ
311-Food manufacturing251 00026 0000.10SOL, DEE, BENZ
324-Petroleum and coal products manufacturing15 00014 0000.93NAPH, BENZ, ETHB
335-Electrical equipment, appliance and component manufacturing49 00014 0000.29PB, STYR, NI
334-Computer and electronic product manufacturing90 00011 0000.12PB, FORM, NI
315-Clothing manufacturing68 00059000.09FORM, TCE, DEE
312-Beverage and tobacco product manufacturing31 00054000.17DEE, SOL, BENZ
313-Textile mills18 00049000.27FORM, PERC, ACRY
314-Textile product mills18 00045000.25PERC, ANT, FORM
316-Leather and allied product manufacturing750014000.19BENZ, CR6, NAPH
Total2 006 0001 479 000*0.74SHIFT, WOOD, BENZ
  • *Includes the numbers listed here, in addition to 419 000 manufacturing workers doing shift work, who are not included in any totals due to limited detail on industry in the data source used to produce shift work estimates.

  • ACRY, acrylamide; ANT, antimony trioxide; BENZ, benzene; CR6, hexavalent chromium; DEE, diesel engine exhaust; ETHB, ethylbenzene; FORM, formaldehyde; NAICS, North American Industry Classification System; NAPH, naphthalene; NI, nickel; PB, lead; PERC, tetrachloroethylene; SHIFT, shift work; SILI, silica; SOL, solar radiation; STYR, styrene; TCE, trichloroethylene; TDI, toluene diisocyanates; UV, artificial ultraviolet; WOOD, wood dust.