Table 2

Association between asthma status at baseline and job type in 1989, Nurses’ Health Study II

Asthma before 1989Age adjustedMultivariable*
Job type in 1989, %No (n=92 737)Yes (n=5311)Odds ratio95% CIOdds ratio95% CI
Non-nursing job4.04.30.960.82 to to 1.16
Education or administration13.214.811
Outpatient, other nurses34.136.40.970.89 to 1.060.990.91 to 1.08
ER or inpatient unit43.240.30.890.82 to 0.970.890.82 to 0.97
Operating room5.54.20.720.62 to 0.830.730.63 to 0.86
  • Results in bold are statistically significant.

  • *Adjusted for age, smoking status, body mass index, race and ethnicity.

  • ER, emergency room.