Table 1

MM cases (N, %) collected by the National Mesothelioma Register (ReNaM) due to familial, environmental and leisure activity exposure by gender, age, anatomical site, period of diagnosis, level of diagnostic certainty, morphology and modalities of interview (Italy, 1993–2008)

NPer centNPer cent
Exposure modalities
 Leisure activities8021.410812.6
Anatomical sites
 Tunica vaginalis of the testis30.8
Age classes
Period of diagnosis
Diagnostic certainty
 MM certain31885.070081.6
 MM probable or possible5615.015818.4
 MM NOS369.610712.5
 Not available267.0859.9
Exposure detection
 Direct interview20053.539245.7
 Indirect interview17346.346454.1
 No interview, other information source10.320.2
  • MM, malignant mesothelioma; NOS, not otherwise specified.