Table 1

Distribution of characteristics among 22 industrial hog operation workers, North Carolina

N=22*Per cent
Personal characteristics
 <High school627.3
 ≥High school1568.2
Number of household members
Children <6 years old living in household1045.5
Pets inside home627.3
Lives on same property as hog operation522.7
Contact sports
 ≥1 month ago1045.5
 <1 month ago627.3
Work characteristics
Years employed at current hog operation
Average h/week
Life stage of hogs in contact with at work‡
 Sows/farrow piglets/wean2090.9
Average number of hogs worked with per day§
  • *Totals for each characteristic may not sum to the total number of participants due to missing information.

  • †Reported at baseline.

  • ‡Totals do not sum to 22 because some participants had contact with pigs in multiple life stages.

  • §Calculated by multiplying the average number of animals per barn at operation of employment by the number of barns worked in on an average day.