Table 4

HRs from Andersen Gill models with piecewise exponential baseline hazard and employee-level frailty term of time-varying risk score

Risk scoreHR95% CIp Value
Risk score decile (%)<0.001
 10–201.111.03 to 1.20
 20–301.070.99 to 1.15
 30–401.040.97 to 1.12
 40–501.131.05 to 1.22
 50–601.151.07 to 1.24
 60–701.201.11 to 1.30
 70–801.291.19 to 1.39
 80–901.251.15 to 1.35
 90–1001.321.22 to 1.43
  • All models are adjusted for calendar year, experience on the job, gender, ethnicity, whether the job was the first at the company, employee's age at the start of the job, whether the plant was a smelter, whether the plant was a union plant, whether the plant was an original company plant, and a frailty term at the employee level.